About us

Artabikes S’abeurador is on number 2 Josep Melià Street, near the beginning of the street Carrer Major (main street in Artà) and 50 meters from la Via Verda (a “Green Path” between Artà and Manacor to ride bikes and walk). We offer mountain and leisure bikes to rent.

For enthusiasts of riding bikes in the mountains, the excursions in the countryside are attractive and exciting because you can enjoy the uncommon and unusual sights of the hills, torrents, fountains, irrigation channels, the rocked paths, the shade of the thickets, everything framed in a mysterious silence. It is a breath of liberty and fresh air that interrupts the every day routine.

On the other hand, if you are really interested in sightseeing and admiring tourist and historical places in this region called Llevant, you must visit the beautiful and natural beaches of Cala Agulla and Sa Mesquida, the stillness and calmness that surrounds the Ermita de Betlem (a hermitage), the cosmopolitan beach of Cala Millor and the wild and virginal beach of Cala Torta, that you can find within 30 kilometers. It is recommended to ride through the old railway Manacor – Artà that today has become this “Green Path”.